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Mevlana Museum

Coordinate: 37º52’13.78’’K 32º30’19.64’’D Height: 1022 m

The palace which consists of both Mevlana’s tomb and dervish convent was rose garden of Anatolian Seljuk sultan Alâeddin Keykubat’s palace. Sultan had gifted this land to Mevlana’s father Bahaeddin Veled. Bahaeddin Veled was the first person that was buried to this land when he died in 1231. When Mevlana passed away, he was buried next to his father and in short time this area turned into a Tomb. The cylinder body of the tomb is covered by high conical dome which is called green dome. Body and the conical dome are covered by Chinas and renewed in Ottoman period. The complex which includes the tomb were resorted and expanded in later periods of time.

Under the green dome, there are Mevlana and his son Sultan Veled’s coffins. On the coffin, the golden thread processed cover had gifted by Abdülhamid II in 1894. These marble coffins were built by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent and the walnut coffin which belongs to Mevlana is placed over Bahaeddin Veled.


In other parts of the Mevlevi dervish lodge in the Mevlana Museum can be visited.