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Konakaltı Kültür Merkezi Muğla
Konakaltı Kültür Merkezi Muğla
Şeyh, İsmet Çatak Cd. 37 836, 48000 Menteşe/Muğla
The beautiful galleried Konakaltı Kültür Merkezi, a traditional complex turned cultural centre, has done time as a caravanserai (traders on the upper floor, animals housed downstairs), printing press, hotel and even cinema
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Gokceada Island
Gokceada Island
Fatih, 17760 Gökçeada/Çanakkale
Gokceada is the largest island of Turkey and is located in the Northern Aegean Sea. Gokceada played an important role in the Gallipoli campaign. The towns local mostly survive off tourism and a bustling fishing and farming industry
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