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Well-preserved ruins of the region are worth seeing in Uzuncaburç town located 30 km north of Silifke. Diocaesarea was the holy place of ancient city of Olba, which was 4 km away. It became a new city after splitting from Olba during Emperor Domitian period. Monumental gate of Dioceasarea, built in Roman period, opens to east-west directional colonnaded street. Temple of Zeus Olbios on the street attracts attention. Temple which is in Corinthian order with 6 to 12 columns is dated to 3rd century B.C. It is important for being one of the oldest temples in Corinthian order.

Tychaeum located at the end of the colonnaded street is a temple submitted to the Goddess of Good Luck. There is an inscription on the architrave carried by Corinthian headed columns. North directional other street intersecting with the colonnaded street goes to the three arched city gate on the walls.

22,5 meters long tower, which gives region its name is located in the northeast edge of the walls of Diocaesarea. According to its inscription, it was built by priest Teucer, son of Tarkyaris in the early years of 2nd century B.C. Necropolis area consists of rock carved and sarcophagus tombs are located in the north of the city.

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Uzuncaburç, 33940 Silifke/Mersin

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