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  • Edirne
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This mosque with its 4 strikingly different minarets all built at different times, dominates Hurriyet Meydani. The name means “ Mosque with Three Galleries” to the three balconies on the tallest minarets.

It was built between 1440 and 1447 in a design halfway between the Seljuk Turkish style mosques of Konya and Bursa and the truly Ottoman style, which would be perfect in Istanbul. In the Seljuk style, smaller domes are mounted on square rooms whereas here the 24m & wide dome is mounted on a hexagonal drum and supported by two walls and two pillars. The courtyard with its central şadırvan (ablution fountain) was another Innovation that came to be standard in the great Ottoman mosques.

The mosque has been undergoing renovation for years and unfortunately will be filled with scaffolding for the foreseeable future.

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Babademirtaş, 22000 Edirne Merkez/Edirne

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