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Troy is approximately 30 km southwest of Çanakkale, 6 km inside from where the Dardanelles meets Aegean Sea. Ancient city of Troy where nine different solid structures have been detected spreads to a wide time period from 3000s B.C. to 400s A.D. After the first settlement covering a very small area, second settlement shows a more developed urban planning. H. Schliemann who started the excavation in 1870 found a portion of the treasure of Troy II (2500-2200 B.C.) and this layer is much damaged. This treasure first smuggled to Germany and to Russia during the World War II, and it is still exhibited in Pushkin Museum. Treasure found during American excavations is maintained at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. The remains ruins of Troy II can be seen in its place.

Troy from 2200 – 1800 BC. (3rd, 4th and 5th century settlements of the city drew attention for losing its former importance which became poorer after Troy 2nd In the ruins, there are no architectural remains of this cultural level.

The magnificent city told in Homer’s Iliad is Troy IV (1800-1275 B.C.). Houses and city walls of this period reflect the rich craftsmanship and taste. The city living its heyday expanded, defense walls had been developed. Walls, towers, city gates and various administrative buildings which still stand belong to this period. City had a big fire at the end of the 13th century B.C. which was the end of Troy VI settlement and beginning of the Troy VII. This fire was thought to occur at the end of Trojan Wars with Achaeans that lasted ten years. Wooden horse trick used at the end of this war was reinstated as the symbol of Troy.

Temple of Athena which could not reach today was built in Troy VIII of Hellenistic period. Temple of Athena was renewed and two theaters were added in Troy IX in Roman period.


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