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Zeus Altar rising in the south of the Temple of Athena once upon a time was not just Bergama’s but also Anatolia’s most magnificent structure. This altar was built by Eumenes II during the heyday of the kingdom, in memory of the victory against Galatians. Architectural remnants and reliefs of this structure that only base can be seen in Bergama was found by Carl Humann in 1871 and they were taken to Germany with the permission of the Ottoman government. It was raised again very close to the old one after completing the pieces in Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

Zeus Altar was rising as a four level from bottom to up. These sections extended to the west in the form of U constituting an inner courtyard, where the stairs were located. There was an almost square krepis having five steps in size of 3,44 meters to 34,20 meters at the bottom. 120 meters long and 2,30 meters high relief frieze over the krepis was surrounding the structure. War between gods in Greek mythology and giants (Gigantomakhia) was illustrated in this piece of art frieze. Winner gods symbolized the Pergamons and loser giants symbolized the enemy Galatians. The gallery floor surrounded by columns was over the frieze.

Bergama Theater with capacity of 10.000 people has an impressive appearance which established on a steep slope in the western part of the Acropolis. There was king lodge made of marble at the bottom. Stage was wooden and it was only set on play days, and removed on the other days.

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Kurtuluş Mah. Akropol Yolu No: 2 Bergama - Izmir

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