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Silifke’s most impressive sight is the medieval fortress that overlooks the city from a high hill. The Byzantine castle, which has 23 towers and underground storage rooms that can still be seen, was used by both the Byzantines and the Knights of St John. From the fortress it’s possible to see the Tekir Ambarı down below, an ancient cistern carved from rock. To reach the cistern, first head to the junction of İnönü and Menderes Caddesi, then walk up the steep road to the left of the Küçük Hacı Kaşaplar supermarket. Providing a very pleasant alternative to a dreadful walk up the hill to the castle are the motorcycle drivers who wait at this corner. Expect to pay around €5.50 per person for a round-trip journey; you’ll be riding in the small wooden box up front.

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Pazarkaşı, 33950 Silifke/Mersin

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