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The Rakoczy Museum  is the unusual legacy of Prince Francis II Rakoczy (1676–1735), a Hungarian folk hero who led his rebel countrymen in their struggle against Hapsburg repression during the Hungarian War of Independence (1703–11). Forced into exile in 1711, he eventually turned up in Turkey and was given asylum by Sultan Ahmet III. In 1906 Rakoczy’s remains were returned to Hungary, along with the interior fittings from his house. Between 1981 and 1982, however, these were painstakingly reproduced and displayed to the public in a surprisingly informative museum; what you see now was once the dining hall of his home. It’s worth seeing just to admire the lovely watercolours of old Tekirdağ by Aladar Edivi Illes (1870–1958). To get here, walk west along the waterfront until you see the large wooden Namık Kemal Kütüphane (library) above you to the right. Cut up and past it along Rakoczy Caddesi and you’ll find the museum on the left.

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Ertuğrul, 32, Vali Konağı Cd., 59100 Tekirdağ Merkez

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