Lands of the White Miracle

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Pamukkale approximately 20 km away from Denizli is famous for hot water springs in the northern part of Çürüksu Plain, travertine formed by those springs and ancient city Hierapolis. Travertine are occurred in result of evaporation of carbon dioxide gas, one of the compounds of water which comes out at 33-35,5 degree from thermal spring and sedimentation of lime. Slopes from Çürüksu Plain extending to the plateau where the ancient city is located, has a unique natural wonder resembling as cotton stacks. The world famous travertine has been developed for 400.000 years and their evolution still continues. Ruins of ancient Hierapolis are located on the plateaus over the travertine. Hot water springs in the region, where many accommodation facilities serve, are also used for treatment of digestive system, respiratory circulatory and rheumatic diseases.

Near Karahayıt Village 5 km northwest of the village, water flowing with iron oxide (red water) formed travertine in various colors. Spring tourism, which is prominent with luxury pooled hotels that are mostly for foreign tourists around  Pamukkale, is in form of hostels with baths around Karahayıt Village.

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Pamukkale Travertenleri, Merkez, 20190 Pamukkale/Denizli

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