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Ozdere holidays are all about the beach, with miles of shortbread-coloured sand piled up along this section of the Turkish Riviera.

The beach is the star of the show in Ozdere. It’s dotted with little secluded coves, and dolphins can often be spotted from the shore. Or swap the sea for history by driving 40 minutes east. You’ll hit Ephesus, once an important ancient Greek city. Today it’s a UNESCO-protected archaeological site of bone-like ruins.

Food’s a biggie in Ozdere, with traditional Turkish dishes making the rounds in many of the town’s restaurants and cafés. Meals such as meatball soup with peas, pastry filled with chicken, and stews packed with barley and wheat grace the menus.

Ozdere’s great for shopping. The promenade along the shoreline is flanked by stores selling everything from jewellery to traditional Turkish clothing. There are shopping malls in the town centre and near the beach. Wander the town’s warren of streets, and you’ll stumble upon farmers’ markets and food vendors

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Gümüldür Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 35495 Menderes/İzmir

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