Odeion of Ephesus

One of the seven wonders of the world

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Ruins of Ephesus having to entrance will be described from Magnesia Gate on the road going to the Church of Mary. First ruins seen on the right side of the road belong to Varius Bath. Ahead, a small theater called Odeion (Bouleuterion) appears in front of us. Publius Vedius Antonius and his wife Flavia Papiana was built the 1400 seated structure, which was covered in the time, in 150 A.D. It was used as a Bouleterion (parliament building) where meetings of Advisory Council of Ephesus with two councils were held besides concert hall. Wide area in the south of Odeion is the State Agora. Ruins next to Odeion belong to city hall (Prytaneion) built in Augustus period. Political affairs were discussed important ceremonies, feasts and admissions were made in this structure called Prytaneion. In addition, sacred heart of the city burnt for centuries located in here. A portion of architectural elements of the structure were used in construction of Scholastica Baths. Two Artemis statues exhibited in Museum of Ephesus were found during the excavations of this structure.

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