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The Necropolis extends over two kilometres and is one of the best-preserved in Turkey. There is around 1200 tombs, constructed from limestone, which dates back to the Hellenic period. There are also a number of Roman and Christian tombs. In the ancient time, Hierapolis was a place of healing, however, the large number of necropolis suggest there were mixed results.

The graves are designed to represent the importance in the community, there are four types;

1. Simple graves for common people
2. Sarcophagi for the wealthy, with most being decorated in marble, with inscriptions indication the name, profession and praising the good deeds of the deceased.
3. Circular Tumuli again for wealthy, with vaulted chambers.
4. Family graves, with the vaulted chamber, monuments and small temples.

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Necropolis of Hierapolis, Phrygia Unnamed Road, Develi Mahallesi, 20190 Pamukkale/Denizli

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