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  • Seyrancık, No:747, Hisaralt Sk., 14800 Mudurnu/Bolu

  • Bolu
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Another 25 kilometers Southwest of Abant Gölü is the lovely small town of Mudurnu, which used to be famous for Chicken dinners, but is now being feted as an Ottoman revival Town. Slowly but surely the old houses are being restored and repurposed to attract visitors. There is a lively old Bazaar area and the Yıldırım Beyazıt Hamam (08:00 -19:00 /Monday , Wednesday, Saturday for women) is a real find, charging just 1 euro if you forego the scrub and massage (not available to women anyway)


Prices at Mudurnu hotels are higher at weekends, when you should also book a head

Getting  there and  away

This is an area best explored with a car or motorbike. However, there are regular buses to Bolu from Istanbul and Ankara, and then from Bolu on to Mudurnu (2€, one hour). In summer, there are also several direct busses from Bolu to Abant Gölü.

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Seyrancık, No:747, Hisaralt Sk., 14800 Mudurnu/Bolu

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