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Mt Uludag, meaning Great Mountain, has become a popular Turkish skiing destination with slopes for all experiences. Trails have been set out all across the area to allow for safe hiking, which is a must in the fresh mountain air. The beauty of the mountain has been kept pristine where there are no buildings, this is due to the area being designated a national park.

The national park is popular with the locals for open-air ‘cook it yourself’ BBQ restaurants thanks to the fantastic views and peacefulness that comes from mountain trees.

Uludağ National Park can be reached both by highway and cable car. The ski resort is 40 minutes from Bursa and 60 minutes from the airport. If traveling in a private vehicle, the Cekirge road is the easiest. Drivers must keep snow chains, wedges, and tow ropes during winter, which are available for hire or sale along the roadside. There are also minibuses from Bursa to the top of Uludağ that depart every hour in the winter and take approximately 90 minutes. The cable car route to Uludağ is divided into four sections: two between the Bursa and Kadi plateaus (1,235 m), and two between Kadi and Sari Alan (1,621 m). Each line has a cabin that fits 30 people (it should be noted that it is prohibited to carry ski equipment), and departs from the district of Teleferik every 20 minutes. The journey, which stops at Kadi and changes car, takes around 25 minutes. From Sari Alan, there is a minibus service for the last 7 km to the hotel area. In the summer, there is a chairlift from Sari Alan to Coban Kaya (1,750 m).

Uludağ is the highest mountain in Western Anatolia. Its peak, Kara Tepe, stands at 2,543 m. Uludağ is covered in forests and the region has a partially temperate climate with a dominant south/southwest wind. The altitude of the skiing area is between 1,750 and 2,543 m, and the best season to visit is from late December to late March.

There are 27 hotels, 15 of which are privately owned, with a total of more than 3,000 beds. You will also find shopping halls, restaurants, cafés and bars, entertainment facilities, and health centers.

Ski equipment rental and instructors are available. There are eight chairlifts, seven T-bars, and 13 different ski runs.

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