Mamure Castle

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  • İskele, 33650 Anamur/Mersin
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  • Mersin
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Mamur means “Prosperous”, the name was given to it after it had been conquered in by the Karamanoğlu Mahmut Bey and extended and restored. Originally a Roman fortress had been built here on even earlier foundations. In the 15th and 16 century the castle was extended and repaired also. It has three main parts, amongst them a fortress and an inner fortress.

The castle is described as containing an “outer castle” (where there is a mosque and a row of shops) to the north of a wall separating that area from an “inner courtyard” by a wall, a main tower to the latter’s southeastern corner, and a “inner castle” to the west of the inner courtyard. On the north side there is a water-filled moat, formerly the entrance to the castle was on that side too. On the south side the sea provides protection.

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İskele, 33650 Anamur/Mersin

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