City which was built first in the middle of Reşadiye (Datça) by Dorians, was moved to Cape Crio (Tekir Burnu) to benefit more from sea trade in the middle of 4th century B.C. Knidos, as one of the important coastal cities, was exporting wine with its enhanced trade. Streets intersecting perpendicular were arranged according to grid plan. Statue of Aphrodite, which is famous with its Roman copies, created by Praxiteles (4th century B.C.) was located in circle planned Temple of Aphrodite. Eudoxos, one of the important mathematicians, and Sostratos who was the architect of the Lighthouse of Alexandria was from Knidos.

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Yazı, Muğla Datça Çevre Yolu, 48900 Marmaris/Datça/Muğla

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