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Kaş located in the southern end of Teke Peninsula, is one of the centers that alternative tourism has developed. Ancient city of Antiphelllos, which was a trade port, established in this geography. Kas is surrounded by mountains, that are said to mimic human figures in a laying position, for example, Yatan Adam, meaning ‘sleeping man’.  With a typical Mediterranean climate, Kas not only serves as a small sailing marina but also as an agriculture centre.  Kas Turkey tourism includes seeing all the crops ranging from lemons, oranges and bananas to cut flowers, honey, almonds and pine forests. Kas is a popular departure point for Blue Cruises along the Turquoise Coast.

Kas Historical prosperities of Kaş are; Lycian in scripted sarcophagus tomb dated to 4th century B.C. on Uzun Çarşı Street, rock tombs belonging to 4th century B.C. which can be seen along the street, and 4000 seated ancient theater of Kaş (1st century B.C.) with capacity.

Unfortunately, the town suffered from Arab incursions and was annexed to the Seljuks. When the Seljuks fell apart, the Ottoman Empire took over control. After the First World War and the exchange of populations, the majority of the population, which were of Greek descent, returned to Greece.

Since Kas was founded on the ancient town of Antiphellos, there is a monumental tomb, a Lycian sarcophagus mounted on a high base. Kas used to be filled with many of these sarcophagi, but over the years they have been broken up to be used as building materials throughout the town. Another renowned Lycian ruin is The Sunken City, in the Gokkaya Bay.

There is also a theatre, only 500 metres outside of the main square.

Besides the ruins, Kas offers a great diversity of adventure activities.  These include; paragliding, river rafting and trekking through the countless mountains behind the coast. Kas is also known as one of the leading spots for diving in Turkey, with many diving schools and scuba diving lessons on offer.  There are many underwater caves, ancient shipwrecks and a beautiful array of fish and other sea creatures, including octopi and dolphins.

Küçükçakıl, Büyükçakıl and Akçagerme beaches are close to the center of Kaş. You can also prefer famous Kaputaş Beach on Kalkan road which is 20 km away to Kaş instead of these gravely beaches. You can reach to this beach which hosts ever shade of blue and green. In the region that has alternative tourism opportunities, canoe trip from water sports, diving, boat tours, paragliding accompanied by spectacular images of Kaş, walking to many ancient cities are very enjoyable activities.

Kaş is 108 km away from Fethiye, and 198 km away from Antalya.

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