The Kaputaş Beach, which has a natural, pristine beauty, is visited each year by many tourists local and foreign. What makes this beach specifically significant is the fact that it is by a canyon, and the fact that due to its clear turquoise sea and status as a first degree protected site, it has a natural, pristine beauty.The reason the colour of the sea turns such an enchanting shade of turquoise can be explained by the mixing of the natural springs underwater and the natural clear water from the mountains.

The beach which consists of sand and gravel, has a generally cool and quiet nature due to its location. Let us also note that families with children need to be careful of its see which gets deeper after the 8-10th metre.

There are also many caves large and small in this area. The best known of these is the Blue Cave. Transportation to this cave formerly inhabited by seals is done by boat.

It is located to the exit of the Kaputaş Canyon after which it was named. The beach was geographically named “canyon mouth beach” due to the fact that the water from the direction of the canyon flows underneath the sands to the sea.

The beach also has a Blue Flag status due to its cleanliness. The shores of the Kaputaş Beach are a mix of sand and gravel. Although its water is very cold due to the spring waters flowing into the beach, the sea water becomes warmer thanks to the beginning of the summer months and the sun.

As it is a “public beach”, you can enter without paying any fees. You can either rent beach chairs and umbrellas from the facilities founded in 2020 by the municipality, or bring your own. On the beach run by the Kaş Municipality there is also a cafe-restaurant run by the municipality. You can rent the chair and the umbrella for 10TL. There are also within the facility areas for basic needs like a bathroom and a shower.

For those who’d like to take a private car to the beach between Kaş and Kalkan, the distance is 20 minutes from the Kaş city centre, 10 minutes from the Kalkan city centre, 1 hour from Fethiye, and 3 hours from Antalya city centre. The travel time from Antalya take this long due to the fact that the road is quite windy and narrow.

You don’t need to be upset because you don’t have a private car. There are regular buses from Kaş and Kalkan. You can easily reach the beach using these buses.

We have more sad news for those travelling to the beach by road. To reach the beach you also need to climb the 187 step stairs between the road and the beach.

An alternative way to reach the beach is by tour boats. There are daily tour boats from Antalya and many surrounding regions to the beach.

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Kaputaş Plajı, Kalkan, 07580 Kemer/Kaş/Antalya

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