Hierapolis Ancient City

The city of water and faithTHE CITY OF WATER AND FAITH

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Hierapolis Ancient city of Pamukkale is in the same plateau with its travertine. City established by Bergama King Eumenes II, got its name from Hiera, wife of Telephos who was the legendary founder of Bergama.

Ancient city has a main street in length of 1 km and in width of 13,5 meters. The street with north-south direction starts from the gate of the wall and goes to Domitian Gate. Bath which is well-preserved in the south of the city was built in the 2nd century A.D. Today, this structure is used as a museum building.

Theater overlooking at the plain in the southeast of the city was built in the 2nd century A.D. Skene (stage building) decorated with reliefs has survived until today. Episodes about Apollo and Artemis take place on these reliefs. Street passing next to the theater and continuing outside of the wall goes to Martyrium of St. Philip. Apostle Philip who came to Hierapolis to spread Christianity in 80 A.D. was killed in here. An octagonal planned Martyrium on 20 meters to 20 meters area was built in his memorial in 5th century A.D. Ruins of this tomb of the apostle still conserve its glory.

Main Street of Hierapolis continues to north and extends beyond the walls. The part after the Byzantine Gate over the city walls of the main street was built during Domitian (81-96 A.D.) period. This “lpart extending outside of the wall ends with the three-eyed Domitian Gate in the north which is the last exit point. This monumental gate was built by Asia proconsul Julius Frontinus in years between 82 and 83 A.D.

Necropolis (cemetery) takes places in the northern area of Hierapolis. Necropolis which lengthens for 2 km, creates other important ruins for containing tumulus, sarcophagus and house-shaped tombs.

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