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  • Hisar, Hattuşaş Örenyeri, 19310 Boğazkale/Çorum
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Hattusas, the capital of Hittite Empire which ruled in Anatolia for centuries, is in Boğazkale district and 80 km southwest of Çorum. A city called Hattus was located in here where Hatti people lived. When Hittites conquered the city, they converted name Hattus into their language as Hattusas or Hattusa. Hattusas stayed as the capital of Hittite Empire until the empire collapsed by the attacks of Thracian tribes in 1190.

Official buildings, reception hall, achieve and emperor palaces were located in Büyükkale which formed the acropolis of the city in 14th and 13th centuries B.C. Remains dated to 7th and 6th centuries on the southern and southwestern slopes of the acropolis are from Phrygian period.

Many temple remains were discovered in the ancient city. The largest of these was built by Hattusilis III (1275-1250 B.C.) in the northwest end of the city. Structure which covers an area in size of 160 meters to 135 meters has more than eighty rooms. Tesup and Arinna, The storm god of Hittite blessed the sun goddess of Hepat in here.

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Hisar, Hattuşaş Örenyeri, 19310 Boğazkale/Çorum

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