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  • Yeni, Cevizli Sk., 68500 Güzelyurt/Aksaray
  • +903824512276

Güzelyurt is located 45 km east of Aksaray. In the Rome and Byzantine era, it was known as Karbala, in Seljuk’s era it was known as Gallery. In Güzelyurt, which is a town in present time, there are numerous rock churches and underground settlements. In the center of the town, “Saint Gregorius Church” which looks exotic with its cross plan and high conical dome is now being used as a mosque. The monastery valley that located in the borders of Güzelyurt district is 4 km long. With graven rock churches and underground cites, it looks like miniature copy of the Ihlara Valley.

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Yeni, Cevizli Sk., 68500 Güzelyurt/Aksaray

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