Goni – Eşek Adası – Çeşme

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Today’s Eşek Island, formerly known as “GONI”, is an hour away from Çeşme by yachts, with its clean bays and welcoming donkeys, an ideal place for daily yacht cruises. Due to its natural location, its bays, which are closed to northern winds, are very suitable for underwater and surface sports. The island, which is almost entirely covered with maquis, has a wind-powered fresh water well for donkeys to survive. Especially if you get in the spring, you will encounter the intoxicating scent of wild daffodils, galls and thyme. Located right next to the island, the Black Island, Blue Bay, which looks like a natural aquarium, is a bay that fascinates you and is worth seeing.

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Karaada, 35970 Karaburun/İzmir, Türkiye

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