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Gaziantep, the region’s largest city, has always been a trade and accommodation center in every period for being on historical Silk Road. Known oldest settlement is Doliche located between Dülük and Karahöyük Villages, 10 km away from Gaziantep. Baal Temple of Teshub, god of sky and storm of Hittite was here. City was an important religion center in Hellenistic and Roman period starting from Hittites. This settlement lost its importance after the arrival of the Turkmen. Ayntab, the core of the current settlement located in the south, gained importance. This name was converted to Antep in time.

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The first construction date of Gaziantep Castle located on a hill in the city center is unknown. It was substantially repaired during the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The perimeter of the castle which was also repaired by Mamluk and Ottomans is 1200 meters. Construction date of Ömeriye Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques of Antep, is unknown. It is predicted to be very old considering the repair in 1210.

Footprints of various civilizations can be seen at Gaziantep Archaeology Museum. One of the major collections of the museum is very valuable mosaics which are brought from ancient city of Zeugma.

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Do Not Return Without Doing:

Food: Alinazik Kebab, Keme kebab, New World Kebab, Cağırtlak (Liver) kebab, Gaziantep baklava, Pistachio, Stuffed Meatballs.

Shopping: Various gift items made by Gaziantep’s traditional handicrafts.

Trip: Rumkale, Zeugma, Doliche ancient cities.

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