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Gallipoli Peninsula forming the European side of Çanakkale is as the poet says “This soil is once witnessed the end of an era”. The peninsula separating Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea has witnessed Çanakkale War, one of the bloodiest battles in World War I. The navy consisted of British and French battleships which planned to go to Istanbul through Çanakkale to eliminate Ottoman Empire who entered the war with Germany and  Austria-Hungary entered the Dardanelles in February 15, 1915. However, they were forced to retreat because of the fire of the batteries in Orhaniye and Ertugrul forts. The last attempt to enter in March 18, 1915 was also failed and three ships of the fleet heavily damaged and three ships were also sunk. The ground war was started when it was understood that the navy couldn’t pass the Dardanelles. British, French, Anzac (Australia, New Zealand) and Indian soldiers were divided into two groups; assault was started in the morning of April 25 that first group aimed to seize Seddülbahir region of Gallipoli Peninsula, while the second group aimed to seize Conkbayiri region. One of the Turkish troops at Gallipoli Peninsula was 19th division commanded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Entente States that couldn’t break Turkish defense after bloody fights for month’s emptied Arıburnu-Anafartalar front in December 20, 1915; Seddülbahir front in January 9, 1916.

Wars led to great losses for both sides, tens of thousands of Turkish and foreign soldiers who lost their lives lie in this small land. Gallipoli Peninsula was converted to Historical National Park in 1973 for protecting the historical values. Turkish martyrdom and monuments, foreign cemeteries and monuments, and war ruins can be seen in here. Weapons, ammunitions, uniforms, various war materials and photos can be seen in Kabatepe Promotion Center as a museum which hosts a variety of materials about the region.

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Kemalpaşa, Kilye Mevkii No:1, 17900 Seddülbahir/Eceabat/Çanakkale

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