Fethiye, Cleopatra Bath – Hamam Bay


A picturesque bay bordered by pine trees, ruins and crystal clear, calm water…what could you want more?

The bay of Cleopatra’s Baths is just one of the ‘must-see’ spots on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast in the Mediterranean Sea. Beneath the clear turquoise water, you can still see the remnants of the ancient baths that were put there by Marc Antony as a wedding gift to Cleopatra. Spend some time snorkelling over the spot where Cleopatra herself used to bath. The once majestic baths were built in this particular bay because of the thermal waters that come from a volcanic crater north of the bay. Here the waters are clean and fresh and legends say bathing in them is how the ancient queen became so beautiful. Whether that is true or not you are sure to love swimming in this stunning location.

Also, just a 30-minute hike from the bay can take you to the ruined Lycian city of Lydia, where the thousand-year-old remains hide beneath thick plants.

Cleopatra’s bay is located 50 kilometres from Fethiye at the base of a pine-clad valley, the bay is not accessible by road but do not worry because it is one of the stopping points on 12 Island Day Cruises, along with other spectacular locations like Tarzan Bay and Red Island.

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Hamam Koyu, Kapukargın, 48770 Dalaman/Muğla

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