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It is located in the Zemi Valley, east of the town of Goreme in Nevşehir Province, and west of the Goreme Open Air Museum.

It is a church with three apses, with a central dome and a free cross plan. In the painting decorations of the church, the decoration of the NAOS deviates from the traditional archaic style by having a stage of Ascension placed in the central dome. The majority of the scenes depicted are devoted to important feasts. Scenes about Jesus are on the south wall. Childhood and passion (scenes from Jesus ‘ ordeal), on the North Wing, the resurrection, crucifixion, the Nativity scenes are painted on both the south and North Wings.

The scene of Jesus being presented to the temple is painted above the apse in the South. It is placed in a very important and privileged place, adhering to the symbolic value of the scene. The Transfiguration scene also occupies the Western Wall opposite the apse, which is quite an important place. The baptismal scene is also painted in the western part. Saints are sometimes seen in medallions with only the upper parts of their breasts; bishops are seen in pandantives, arches in the inner parts of the dome; prophets and martyrs are seen in the remaining parts of the domes in the northern wall. Constantine and Helene complete the decor of the church at the bottom of the walls in the West Wing.

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50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

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