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Didim located 16 km south of Miletus, was one of the important holy areas and prophecy centers. It was connected with the holy road ” of Miletus. The Temple of Apollo with its splendid ruins was one of the biggest temples in Hellenistic world.

The city ruled by a priest family named Branchidler for a century in archaic period, had gained a great reputation. Archaic period temple was built in the first half of the 6th century B.C. (560-550 B.C.). The construction of new temple was started after Alexander the Great recovering city from Persians in the 4th century B.C. . New temple was surrounded by a pair of columns (dipterous) and it was spreading a much wider area in size of 109 meters to 51 meters. Temple rising over a seven stair pedestal in height of 3,50 meters, was climbed by 14 steps in its east. Double row of 108 columns surround the structure, and there 12 columns in the entrance (pronaos) as well. Inside callae, which is in shape of a hypaethral courtyard, there was a small temple (naiskos) built at the end of 3rd century B.C. Walls surrounding callae were 25 meters high.

7 step structure ruin in the south of the Temple of Apollo belong to Stadium. It is understood that sacred races depending on rituals of Didim were held in this Stadium.

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Didim Örenyeri (Apollon Tapınağı), Yenihisar Mh, 09270 Didim/Aydın

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