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The glittering white of Pamukkale’s calcite cliffs jumps straight out of many Turkey tourism brochures, and day-waders come from far and wide to indulge in the warm waters of these dazzling travertines. Above them stand the ruins of ancient Hierapolis, whose inhabitants did much the same thing 2000 years ago. Other, more impressive, ruins sprawl across a green plain at lesser-visited Afrodisias, where the 270m-long stadium gives a visceral thrill. The ancient ruins of Laodicea provide another culturally edifying day-trip opportunity, while big-city Denizli serves as a transport hub for most travellers – the place where you take the bus or dolmuş to Pamukkale or other more interesting towns.

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Çamlaraltı, 20070 Merkez/Pamukkale/Denizli

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