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Datça peninsula, the south of it overlooking Aegean Sea and North of it overlooking Mediterranean Sea, is ideal for people who want to spend a calm vacation with its magnificent bays, green vegetation and the tranquil blue sea. Datça as the center of Datça Peninsula where the ancient city of Knidos is located in the west of it, is in the north of the peninsula and a holiday resort right next to the coast of Mediterranean. Transportation to here is made from 78 km away Marmaris via highway. You can spend a great time by either visiting ancient city of Knidos with daily boat tours, or enjoy the each stop made in magnificent bays. There are Taşlık, Kumluk and Hastanealtı beaches in Datça.

Do Not Return Without Doing:

Food: Keskek, Datca almonds,

Shopping: Needle lace, rug.

Trips: Trips to the ancient city of Knidos , Eski Datça and the beautiful bays of the peninsula.

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Esenada Mevki Marmaris Datça Yolu, Datça Merkez, Datça, Muğla

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