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Corum’s museum is well worth a stop particularly if you’re interested in Turkey’s Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age eras. Pieces have been cherry-picked from archaeological sites across the local region and there are excellent information panels in English throughout. Highlights include the stunning sword of Hittite king Tudhaliya from Hattuşa, an intricate and tiny gold statuette of the Hittite fields god from Alacahöyük, and Hittite cult vessels decorated with bull and goat heads from Şapinuva.

In the same building (and included in the entrance fee), is the less impressive Ethnographic Museum containing the usual selection of mannequins making pots, drinking çay and so forth.

The museum is on the main road in the centre of town.

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Gülabibey, Cengiz Topel Cd. No:153, 19100 Merkez/Çorum

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