Church of St. Thecla

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  • Yeni, 33900 Silifke/Mersin

  • Mersin
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Meryemlik which is a holy place of Christianity is located on Taşucu Highway, a few km south of Silifke. St. Thecla, student of St. Paul, hid in an underground cave which was converted into a church and became a sacred place because of the pagan pressures. It was used as a secret worshiped place until the release of Christianity in 4th century A.D. It was also an important visit center from the early years of the middle Ages. Church of St. Thecla, cisterns, sacred path and tomb ruins can be seen as well as this cave which was converted into an underground church in 4th century A.D.

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Yeni, 33900 Silifke/Mersin

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