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Church of Hagia Triada

Since 1867
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The Church of Hagia Triada, also known as the Holy Trinity Church, is a Greek Orthodox church with roots dating back to the Byzantine era. It was originally constructed in the 19th century, during the later years of the Ottoman Empire, to serve the Greek Orthodox community residing in the city. Construction started by architect Vasilaki Ioannidi in 1867 and it opened worshipping on Sunday, September 14, 1880.

Hagia Triada is located in the center of a courtyard surrounded by high walls.There are a house, administrative buildings and a sacred spring dedicated to Hagios Georgios.

The structure built in the style of domed basilica carries the characteristics of European eclectic architecture. Church of Hagia Triada exhibits a rich appearance with motifs, frescoes and reliefs.

What makes the Church of Hagia Triada particularly captivating is its architectural style. It features a unique blend of neoclassical and baroque influences, which was not uncommon in the construction of Orthodox churches during the 19th century. Its elegant façade is adorned with intricate details and colorful frescoes, making it an architectural gem that beautifully contrasts with its surroundings.

The Church of Hagia Triada may not be as famous as some of Istanbul’s other landmarks, but it is a place where history, art, and culture converge to tell a compelling story. It’s a reminder of the rich tapestry of Istanbul’s cultural diversity and the enduring presence of the Greek Orthodox community in this remarkable city. As you explore the Church of Hagia Triada, you’ll discover the hidden gems that make Istanbul a city of continuous wonder and inspiration.

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Katip Çelebi Mah., 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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