Chora Museum (Chora Monastery) – Kariye Müzesi

dates back to the 6th century

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The first construction date is unknown, however, it is assumed to be in the 8th century or earlier. Ruined monastery at the end of 11th century war repaired or rebuilt by Maria Dukaina, mother-in law of Emperor Alexius Komnenos (1081-1118). Isaac Komnenus, the younger son of Alexius, rebuilt the church in a larger size, and prepared a burial place in the narthex for himself.

It was an important religious center to emperors for being close to Blachernae Palace. It got the shape after a radical repair in years between 1315 and 1321 by Theodore Metochites, one of the leading politicians of the period. Collapsed dome was rebuilt, an outer narthex, additional structure to its north and a parecclesion to its south were added.

1-Main venue, 2- Interior narthex, 3- Outer narthex, 4- Parecclesion, 5- Entrance of the Museum.

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Kariye Mahallesi, Kariye Camii Sokak, No: 18 Edirnekapı Istanbul

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