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Çeşme, as one of the tourism center, is 80 km away from Izmir. It is in the endpoint of Çeşme Peninsula which contains wide and beautiful beaches in Çeşme, where modern hotels serve, beaches such as Ilıca, Pırlanta, Çiftlik, Çatalazmak, Küçükliman, Şifne and Ildırı are located.

2 km long beach and thermal hot water spring of Ilıca, which is on İzmir – Çeşme highway and 5 km away from Çeşme, can be enjoyed excursion or by staying at facilities.

Among historical assets; Erythrai ancient city founded in Ildırı Village 15 km away from Çeşme, castle (1508) built by Bayesiz II in Çeşme, Caravanserai (1529) used as a hotel, and sixteen fountains where the district gets his name can be considered. Findings from Erythrai ancient city, Alaçatı and Kalemburnu are exhibited.

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Entertainment: windsurfing and scuba diving in Çeşme.

Activity: International Cesme Music Festival in early July.

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İsmet İnönü Mahallesi 2001 Sok. No: 2 Çeşme/İZMİR

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