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Çanakkale, which was established in both sides of the Dardanelles connecting Marmara to Aegean Sea, is a city having lands in both continents like Istanbul. Biga Peninsula forming Anatolian territory has an importance for being a settlement since Early Bronze Age (3000-2500 B.C.). This region was called Troas in ancient times. The horse trick done at the end of the war with Achaeans in Troy which was one of the most important ancient city of Troas regions has been an issue for movies. This first war trick in history is also one of the important symbols of Çanakkale. Achaeans who couldn’t seize troy in a ten year battle left the wooden horse filled with soldiers in front of the gate of Troy by advice of cunning Odysseus. Sinon standing next to the horse said that they gifted the wooden horse to Goddess Athena and the war was over. Achaeans hid to Bozcaada (Tenedos) with their ship. Trojans who took the horse inside the city to gift it to Temple of Athena reveled all night long thinking the war was over. Soldiers inside the horse got out and opened the door after Trojans passed out, Troy was burnt and plundered.

Çanakkale, which was established at the narrowest place of the Dardanelles, gets its name from Kale-i Sultaniye also called Çanak Kalesi (Pottery Castle), which was built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1463, where pottery production was prevailed. It is opened to visitors as a military museum in name of Çimenlik Castle today. Kilitbahir Castle with a plan of clover located in Gelibolu Peninsula across the Dardanelles was also built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1463.

Aynali Bazaar which was built by Jew Ilya Halyo in 1889 is one of the shopping centers of the city. It was rebuilt for being damaged during the Çanakkale War.

Finds excavated around Çanakkale are exhibited in Çanakkale Archaeological Museum.


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Kemalpaşa Mh, 17100 Merkez/Çanakkale

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