Butterfly Valley – Kelebekler Vadisi

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Situated in an isolated bay just around the corner from the stunning Blue Lagoon and Bay of Oludeniz, is the beautiful Butterfly Valley. Sandwiched between sheer cliff faces, this valley boasts a 60-meter high waterfall and is home to the rare Jersey Tiger Butterfly. Most arrive at Butterfly Valley by sea, Blue Cruises regularly anchor in the azure blue bay for swimming and snorkelling. If you would prefer to visit without the crowds then you can take a speed boat from the Oludeniz beach, the journey along the coast, past hidden beaches and caves should take about 20 minutes.

Jump from your boat into the cool crystalline waters and swim to the pebble beach where you can find one make-shift bar and restaurant. The valley is a grade one protected area which prevents any permanent structures from ruining the natural beauty. Butterfly Valley is popular with weekend campers and day-trippers in the summer. From the beach you can follow a gentle trail into the valley to a small waterfall.

Sitting on the cliff top, high above Butterfly Valley, in the rural village of Faralya. Most locals make a living by farming but there is also a handful of basic Pansiyon’s where you can stay the night and enjoy a marvellous view and incredible sunset. A steep hiking trail leads from Faralya to Butterfly Valley but the 40-minute trail is not for the faint-hearted. The terrain is sometimes slippery, covered with loose stones and it is necessary to climb at some points using ropes that are fixed in the cliff face.

The best way to reach Butterfly Valley is with a Day Cruise from Oludeniz.

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Uzunyurt, Unnamed Road, 48300, Fethiye/Muğla

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