Bodrum, located on the shores of Gulf of Gökova is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey. Numerous nightclubs provide the night life of the area until early hours of morning. Touring the bays of Bodrum Peninsula and coastal villages by the boats departing from the harbor is a different joy.

According to Greek historian Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), the city was founded by Dorian colonists. The city which entered under the rule of Per’s in 546 B.C. was linked to Sard Satrapy which had a kind of state system and administrated by satraps (governor). These regions passed to Caria Satrapy in 412 B.C. Caria Satrap Maussolos moved the capital of Caria from Mylasa to Halikarnassos in 367 B.C. after the death of his father in 377 B.C. and the city gained importance by being improved. After the death of Maussolos in 353 B.C. his wife Artemisia II continued the satrapy until 351 B.C. Ancient remains around Bodrum are dated to the period of king decants of Maussolos.

Artemisia II started to build Maussolleion, one of the world’s seven wonders for her husband Maussollos, however, she couldn’t see the completion of the monument. Mausoleum that is 42 meters high was built over a high pedestal. There are a 36 columned gallery and a 24 step roof narrowing prismatic ally over the pedestal. There was the statue of Maussollos and his wife Artemisia in cart with four horses on the flat platform on the peak of the roof. Stone blocks, statues and reliefs of the monument that was destroyed in an earthquake, were used in construction of Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum Castle (Castle of St. Peter) located next to the Bodrum port, was built after Knights of Rhodes had captured the city in 1402. Structure serving as Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, is one of the few museums in the world as the area of interest. Amphora’s excavated by sponge hunters under the sea, sunken submarines, various glass works and works excavated from underwater researches are exhibited.

 Must-see places:

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Bodrum Castle), ancient theater.

Do Not Return Without Doing:

Trips: Blue Voyage.

Entertainment: Famous Bodrum bars with fast night life.

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Çarşı, Neyzen Tevfik Cad. Hükümet Konağı, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla

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