Located to the west of Bodrum, Gumbet is a small coastal town just two kilometres away. Renowned for its nightlife, the people living in Bodrum like to escape the big city to come party and relax in Gumbet. The name derives from Turkish for water cisterns and is related to the many water sources around the town.

The streets of Gumbet are filled with many great restaurants, you will find the likes of  ‘Roy’s Place’ inviting you to join in to sing karaoke or dance under the disco lights. Traditional Turkish cuisine in the form of meat dishes or kebabs, are readily available in Gumbet. A wide range of bars invites visitors to join in at night with festivities, lights, and music.

Visit the Bazaar, there you will find many confectioneries, and souvenirs to be bargained for with the sellers. You can practice your haggling skills, whilst catching great unique products only found in Turkey. The shops in Gumbet stay open late, so you will probably stumble in some of these shops at night, or on Tuesday when the official market will be open.

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Gümbet, Osman Nuri Bilgin Cd., 48400 Bodrum/Muğla

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