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The ancient city located in boundaries of Ayvacık District in Çanakkale was established by Aeolian colonists from Methymna (Lesbos) town in Lesbos Island in 7th century B.C. Aristotle who came to Assos in 348 B.C. lived three years after founding an academy.

Assos established over a hill 238 meters high from sea level and its terraces on slopes was surrounded by 3200 meters long walls. These walls are dated to 4th century B.C. The main gate of the city is in the west, two sides of the road going to the gate were cemeteries (necropolis). Arched structure in the north of the west gate is the ruins elonging to the grave of Publius Varius.

Temple of Athena, which was built in 530 B.C, was located in the highest plateau of the Acropolis accompanied by the magnificent view of the Gulf of Edremit. It is important for being the only example of Doric architecture from Archaic Period in Anatolia. 34 columns surrounded the rectangular planned temple. Structure consisted of front room (pronaos) and the sacred room (naos) was in size of 22,33 meters to 7,97 meters. Some remnants of the temple are in Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

On terraces of the southern slopes of this hill, various shops, agora including temple and senate building (Bouleuterion), gymnasium and 5000-seat Theater was located.


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17860 Behram/Ayvacık/Çanakkale

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