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  • Ören, Anemurium Antik Kenti, 33660 Anamur/Mersin

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I found at least four bath complexes, this one is the largest, but easily overlooked. It lies somewhat south of the road through the excavation area, near the odeon.

Near it there is a sports area, a palaestra. Some mosaics adorned the floor.

“The Public Baths. A notice indicates that by the mid-third century AD Anemurium possessed three bath complexes, the best preserved of which being part of a larger complex erected in the late second century with a staircase and shops with residential quarters on the first floor. The entrance corridor of the baths may be reached from the top of this staircase, from which one enters the main hall with various chambers opening from its sides. The hot rooms originally were heated heated by a hypocaust system, they are on the right, a small pool can be reached from the main hall too. The building was decorated throughout with painted walls and a mosaic floor, traces of which survive. In the 5th century water for these and similar amenities was supplied by two aqueducts.

Apart from larger bath houses there is a small one also, from the 5th century. It has some decoration.

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Ören, Anemurium Antik Kenti, 33660 Anamur/Mersin

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