Ancient City of Pergamon

The City of Firsts

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Acropolis forming the upper city in the high parts of Bergama included palace of kings and houses of high ranking officials, various temples and buildings. This area was mostly a living and gathering center for royal families and dignitaries, intellectuals and commanders. Only some base parts of Temple of Athena in Doric order on the left of the entrance of the Acropolis is left. The magnificent main entrance that only base traces are visible is restored in Pergamon Museum in Berlin with the help of some protected pieces. On Architrave

inscription saying “From King Eumenes to victory forgiving Athena” is read.

In the north of the Temple of Athena, there was Library of Bergama, a famous library for a period. There were 200.000 written rolls in the library built by Eumenes II according to ancient sources. Bergama Library was moved to Alexandria by Antonius in 41 B.C. and gifted to Cleopatra.

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Kurtuluş Mah. Akropol Yolu No: 2, 35700 Bergama/İzmir

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