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  • Kum, Çamlık Sok. No:4, 74300 Amasra/Bartın

  • Amasra
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Coming from the West, Amasra in the first  town of any real note along the Black Sea coast, and has  a claim to be one of the prettiest, squeezed neatly between two harbors and a sandy beach and overlooked by a thick-walled citadel. it is a popular tourist center  for this region, but has still been spared the kind of over-development it might have suffered were it on the Aegean.

 The Byzantines held Amasra as part of the Pontic  Kingdom, but the port to the Genoese is it trading station from 1270 until 1460  when Mehmet the Conquer walked in without a fight . Under Ottoman rule, Amasra lost its commercial Importance to other Black Sea ports, and today it is simply a perfect spot to relax and enjoy some summer  water life .

As you come into Amasra you’ll pass the museum in an Old Stone building on the left and a couple of pensions.  Most of the buses stop at an intersection right by the PTT. Follow the sign to “Sehir Merkezi” (north) for the Kücük Liman (small harbour) with restaurants pensions  and the belediye (town hall), or walk straight (East) until you hit the sandy strip of the Büyük Liman (Large Harbor)

The entrance to the citadel lurks amid the souvenir shops in the Kucuk Liman.

North of the two Harbors three massive gateways lead to the kale (citadel), Amasra’s most striking feature. It encompasses the promontory fortified by the Byzantines when this small commercial port was known as Sesamos Amastris.

Most of the area inside the citadel is now residential; most of the original walls survive and there are a few  old relics such as the 15th century Eski Chapel ( old Chapel), now a cultural centre. Make your way to the northeastern outcrop to sip tea and soak up sunset views of a noisy seagull colony on an offshore islet.

The Amasra museum overlooking Kücük Liman ,  contains a standard collection of Roman Byzantine and Hellenistic odds and ends, including some  impressive statues from the 2nd Century.

Amasra’s  magnificent location is best admired from the sea. In season, several  operators in Büyük Liman offer boat trips in the harbor and along the coastline. Expect to pay about 3 euro for short tour (45 minutes) and 15Euro for a larger  tour (for 6 hours)


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Kum, Çamlık Sok. No:4, 74300 Amasra/Bartın

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