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Coordinate: 36º20’03.50’’K 29º17’33.60’’D Height: 8 m

Letoon is in Bozoluk, 4 km south of Kınık on Fethiye-Kaş highway. It was the religious center of the Lycian Union. In the city, there are three temples side by side dedicated to Artemis and Apollo, children of Goddess Leto. Temple in Ionic order offered to Goddess Leto in the farthermost west is dated to 3rd century B.C. It is the largest temple with the size of 16 meters to 21 meters. The small temple in the east which was offered to Artemis is dated to 4th century B.C. The third one offered to Apollo was built in Doric order. A three latch inscription near this temple is exhibited in Fethiye Museum today. Inscription dated for June 358 B.C, took an important role in solving the Lycian language.