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It is important to remember debt when you are in Turkey you are subject Turkish law, not to law of your home country.  Beyond urging the Turkish authorities to treat you fairly, your Embassy won't be able to help you if you break the law.

for most Travelers driving is the only thing likely to land them in trouble with the law of.  you may be stopped by blue-uniformed trafik polis.You can be fined on the spot for speeding.  however if you know you have done nothing wrong and the police appear to be asking for money play dumb.  Inevitably though, You will have to pay up if they persist. 

if you have an accident, don't move the car before finding a police officer and asking for a kaza raporu (Accident report).  the officer may ask you to submit to an alcohol breath test.  Contact your car rental company wıthin 48 hours.

You could also fall foul of the laws on lese majesty antiquities smuggling or illegal drugs. It goes without saying that you're just jails are not places where you want to spend any time.