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Coordinate: 37º51’041.05’’K 27º14’59.87’’D Height: 9 m

Kuşadası is one of the tourist attractions in the Aegean coast is Kusadasi. It is the accommodation and entertainment center of tourist who come to visit ancient places such as Ephesus, Priene, Milet and Didyma. Many modern hotels were built for being a frequent arrival port of ships. Güvercin Ada connected with a road to the coast has been made available for recreation and entertainment activities. 20 km long sandy beaches such as Ladies’ Beach and Güvercin Ada Beach are among the factors that make Kuşadası attractive.

Öküz Mehmet Pasha Mosque (Castle Mosque) built by Öküz Mehmet Pasha in 1618 and caravanserai can be considered among the significant historical structures. Built as two-story inside its courtyard, caravanserai consists of 56 rooms, and it operates as a hotel today.