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Coordinate: 38º51’57.46’’K 35º37’19.39’’D Height: 1123 m

It is 20 km northeast of Kayseri. Many market places called karum were established by Assyrians after 2000s B.C. Assyrians who established in the north of Mesopotamia traded with these markets. They had no effect on political situation or administration in Anatolia. The most famous one of these markets is Kültepe which is also the center of karums. It consists of a mound which is in diameter of 500 meters and a plain where karum was established.

Kültepe mound which was called Kaniş before was settled starting from 4000 B.C. to the end of Roman Age (4th century A.D.). However, Karum lived the Assyrian Trade Age (2000-1750 B.C.), and it was abandoned after the second fire.

Almost 20000 tablets were found in Karum. Most of these tables which were written with Assyrian language and cuneiform writing contain commercial, economical and legal issues. Anatolian people contacted with Mesopotamia culture which formed the base of ancient civilizations in Age of Trade Colonies and they used the writing came by Assyria skillfully. Assyrian language and cuneiform writing disappeared in Anatolia with the end of Age of Trade Colonies.