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Kılıç Ali Pasha Mosque

Coordinate: 41º01’36.03’’K 28º58’50.92’’D Height: 17 m

It is located in Tophane. It was built my Mimar Sinan in request of famous sailor Kılıç Ali Pasha with its complex structures (külliye) in 1580 and 1581. A leaden roof covers a portion of the courtyard and portico. Window tops of the portico are decorated with triangular tiles. 12.70 meter dome of the rectangular planned mosque is supported by two semi domes in the axis of Mecca. It reminds Hagia Sophia by being separated from the main venue with high maksoorahs covering the structure from three sides.


Tile panels decorating lower windows of the mosque, and triangular stained glass covering these panels enrich the place. There are a madrasah and a bath next to the mosque.