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Coordinate: 36º11’56.55’’K 29º54’20.13’’D Height: 125 m

Kekova Island is located amongst the greenery in size of 5,7 km2 across Üçağız (Theimiussa) and Kale (Simena) Villages. There are smaller islets around the island that there is no settlement. Daily tours are organized departing from Kaş and Demre to these islands. Ruins of Byzantine church are seen from Tersane Bay where boats approach. There are ruins of city submerged because of the earthquakes in ancient times in area facing the mainland. Diving in this area is prohibited because of these ruins.

Tower and various Lycian tombs that are seen in Üçağız Village across the island belong to ancient city Theimiussa. House-type tomb where the depiction of naked young man is located behind the dock is dated to 4th century B.C. Most of the sarcophagus near the sea is dated to Roman period.

Kale Village nearby was built on ancient city of Simena. The first structure that attracts attention is the castle built on the top of the hill. 400 seated theaters carved in a rock inside the castle which was used in the middle Ages, has the distinction of being the smallest theater of Lycia. Lycian type rock tombs and sarcophagus can be seen in Kale Village.

This region is approximately 40 km away from Kaş.