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Iznik Tile

World famous Iznik tiles which was produced from 14th century to the end of 17th century lived its most productive period during 16th century when Ottoman architecture showed a great development. Red lay tiles were produced at the end of 14th century and beginning of 15th century; colors of light blue, cobalt blue, turquoise, purple and green were used. Blue white tiles which clean white ground, "colorless and transparent gloss were produced. Tile production has become more important with the increase in construction activities in the second half of the 16th century; tiles nominally with cobalt blue, turquoise and tomato red over a white ground were produced. Tomato red, also known as coral red, disappeared after a usage of 50 years.

This art was also deteriorated because of the viciousness in the state, wars and economic stagnation and eventually workshops in Iznik were closed. This art has been forgotten for artists who produced Iznik tiles did not leave and information or written formula behind them.

Today, such high-quality original tiles are made here back in the studio.