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Laptop Computers

If you plan to carry your notebook or palmtop with you, remember that the power supply voltage in Turkey may differ from that at home, which entails the risk of damage to your equipment. The best investment is a universal AC adapter that will enable you to plug your appliance in anywhere without frying the innards. 

In four and five star hotels, most phone connections are made using the American style clear plastic RJ11  plug, so it is easy to plug in a laptop. Many of these hotels also have WLANs. in cheaper and older hotels the phones often use a larger white or beige three prong Turkish plug. In such cases you will need to find an electrical shop and buy a cable with one of these plugs on one end and an  RJ11 plug on the other.

You’ll can find Wi-Fi in many airports cafes and top-end hotels  throughout the country .

Internet Cafes 

 Turks took to the internet like ducks to water. Where were you go, you will be two steps from an internet cafe, and most have ADSL connections. Most hotels pensions travel agencies and carpet shops are also hooked up.  Fees are usually around 2 Euro for an hour. Internet cafes are usually open from 9 a.m. till late at night or until the last customer leaves.

 the best internet cafes have English keyboards. Others will have turkey keyboards in which case you need to be aware that Turkish has to ‘i’ s : this familiar dotted ‘i’ , and the less familiar dot-less ’ı’ . Unfortunately the one in the usual place on Turkish keyboards is the  dotless ’ı’ Ensure you are using the correct dotted ’i’ When typing an email address.

 Likewise, a Turkish keyboard you will have to create the ‘@’ symbols by holding down the ‘Q’ and ALT keys at the same time.